After some consideration, I’ve decided to switch my organizing tool from Pinterest to Diigo.  My Diigo site is: http://www.diigo.com/user/dtj800

So far, I find Diigo much less visually busy, as I was led to understand during the Twitter Live Feed last night. Thanks for the recommendations!!!


2 thoughts on “Diigo

  1. Tracie Weisz says:

    Agree totally! I do use pinterest, but mostly for collecting recipes and the like. To me it is better for collecting things where a visual is helpful. Diigo is more like your personal library, and you curate and organize the “card catalog” to your liking. I’ve bookmarked literally thousands of things over the past few years on Diigo, and I love knowing that I can access a variety of resources on any given subject any time I want. Plus the “social” part is nice – I can’t find everything that’s good, so I try to follow people who have the same interests/types of bookmarks as me.

  2. I like diigo better for collecting links, too. I like the bookmarking tool the best. I add annotations. Now I’ve taught diigo to post a blog for me every week on what I’ve collected. Good stuff.

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