Essential question #2 What tools might provide me insight into the learners in my classroom and how might I use this information?

In researching this week, I found various blogs, recommended tools,  and articles about recognizing and assisting different types of learners.  

In viewing just a sampling of the resources offering ideas on differentiating instruction, I watched a You-Tube video describing a strategy that could be implemented easily in any classroom that allowed for student choice.

I could see using this information if I came upon a particular situation where I felt learning had reached an impasse. There are always those students who spend a good part of their school day “not getting it”. This may be because of their learning style and looking for ways to teach core subjects in varying ways will reach those outliers as well as reinforce lessons taught in other ways. From doing the research on-line this week, as well as looking at other classmates resources at the 4th to 6th grade Wikispace, and other diffimooc Wikispace pages I was able to find many ideas to begin my research journey. If only I had more time to follow those leads…



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