Wikispace clean up

After watching the video about assignment one, I understand better what is expected in the Wikispace, I think. I’ve gone in and deleted the correspondence, extra comments, and clutter and formulated a more organized page. I am still puzzling out the groups who are focusing on a particular topic within their Wikispace beyond differentiation in the classroom. My understanding (and correct me if I am wrong, please) is that the Wikispace addresses differentiation in the classroom utilizing technology for the grade level that the group is interested in. Hence, being in the later elementary age group, we will aim the tools and content toward educators who are teaching those grades.  I can understand the middle school and subject-specific groups, but not the ones who have chosen a specific assignment such as storytelling.

Puzzle, puzzle.

On a side note, I am starting to recognize that “Homer Simpson” moment in my learning process. Doh!


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