Essential question #3

The question for the week is: What technology and tools can I use to manage and track student progress more effectively?

To track and manage student progress is helpful in that it can show rate of learning, progress of learning and effectiveness of methods in teaching. This can inform teaching and increase its effectiveness.

This questions led me to consider what I have seen used in the classroom to date: mainly such things as Math Whiz, Spelling City and Activotes on the Promethean Board.  These types of sites and gadgets allow for a levelized view of student learning. I’ve seen results of handwriting skills for my own child as well that were done using an individualized program.  These types of programs offer practice at skills and tips on learning. Also, last year my host teacher inputed results from timed reading for the second graders to create a graph that showed each child’s progress (or lack of progress) to parents during conferences. She used a spreadsheet program for this purpose.

It would be interesting to have a recording of student’s reading at different times in the year to monitor progress, as I read about in a classmates blog. I will continue to investigate and read about ways to track and monitor student learning using technology.


2 thoughts on “Essential question #3

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