Trying to communicate

This is what I have encountered in trying to establish a group:

I put a Wikispace up for 4th-6th grade. Two people posted on it that they were interested. We began to put up some information we’d found, resources and such. I suggested we post our blog spots on the site in order to facilitate communication. One person of the original two did that. I watched the video (for week 3) and looked through other Wikispaces and decided that the space needed better organization so I tried to fix it based on the rubric. I didn’t consult with any group members because I really haven’t found a good way to communicate with them. I don’t know if the one original member is still looking in on the space. Now there is another person that is interested in helping. Yeah! I have exchanged some messages through the discussion board on Wikispaces and Google groups with them, encouraging their participation. We are now working at trying to set up a time and place/format to meet, but it’s been difficult to figure all this out. Also, by constructing my own learning I feel like my time is used inefficiently. I think about all the things that I know I need to get done and can do quickly. That adds to the frustrations of this process. I try to look at what others are writing and doing but it feels like driving with my eyes closed.


3 thoughts on “Trying to communicate

  1. jaytrainak says:

    You aren’t the only one. This process has been very challenging. I am trying to learn how to communicate over multiple mediums. In order to get stuff done, I am planning on doing what I can and if others jump in to help out, all the better. Keep plugging along, I think you will learn a lot in the process.

  2. tweisz says:

    I know it’s hard not to worry because this is a class, but you are really doing all the right things! One way I communicate with others in this class is to leave @ messages for them on Twitter. It seems almost everyone has either email or text notifications set up on their Twitter accounts, or they at least check in once a week for discussion, so I figured that’s the best space. One thing to try to keep in mind is how this can transfer to help you in “real life”. If you have students, will some of these tools help you collect resources for them? Communicate with parents or community members? Be a repository of activities and information for them? Can you start to find people who are in a similar grade level/content area to you and follow them on Twitter? Do they have blogs you can read? That’s where I really started learning the power of networks – finding and reading the blogs of active educators. Most have their blog URL on their twitter profile.
    Sorry for the lengthy rambling reply, but I really understand your frustrations! There’s so much out there it can almost immobilize a person!

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