Dropbox and the cloud

I just finished reading a blog entry about Dropbox. To be honest, I was a little hazy about what “the cloud” really represented. Now I think I understand it to be the metaphorical place that information resides throughout the Internet. Is that a good description?

So, I’m trying a new approach to my technology journey that has been recommended and blogged about by fellow classmates and the instructor: as I am reading about the technology I am trying to think how it would help me personally and as a teacher.  This may sound obvious, but perhaps it is the missing piece.

Anyhoo, this Dropbox concept sounds promising. I do email myself stuff all the time and it does become onerous and easy to forget. So, I am going to look into Dropbox and try to use it personally. Side note: much of the tools we are learning about seem to offer similar services in that they are regarding pooling resources in an easily accessible place: Diigo, Pinterest, Dropbox. I guess more technology breeds more technology. It’s a vicious cycle.




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