Essential question #4 #diffimooc

How can I use tools “in the cloud” to easily manage and deliver feedback to my students?

So, this is the question. I think the idea of the cloud is to be able to access information easily no matter where someone is physically. By using a tool like Dropbox, where I can put documents for students and students can put documents for their own use and my review, it will facilitate the flow of information and encourage more refined work. The issue of “having left my work at home” or even on a different computer will be resolved.

The advent of mobile computers has changed the way people communicate and access information. It is easy to Google whatever question that comes to mind; to map out directions to specific places in a new city; or to find out what is expected in class at any time with relative ease. People today are expected to troubleshoot and problem solve in all new ways because of the cloud. We are simply limited by our familiarity with the tools available or not asking the right question.


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