#diffimooc The thing about technology

I feel like it’s been a while since I have posted, so I thought I’d give an update on this learning process.

At the beginning of the course I felt overwhelmed by all the new resources and links and articles and blogs and sign ins and passwords and windows open and reading. As the weeks have gone by, I’ve found myself returning to a few places and abandoning others. For example, I go daily to Wikispace to add new thoughts and ideas to the page I am working on. I check in with this blog and other classmates frequently, especially now that I am following many classmate blogs and receive an email when somebody puts in a post. I check the course site to review (again) what I am supposed to be doing for Assignment one.

Sites and tools I have abandoned: Diigo – what happened to you?? I was bookmarking madly a few weeks ago. Now, I have gone days without checking in to the site. Forget about Google Groups. And, unfortunately, I tend to avoid Twitter. It was helpful last week when I was attempting to meet with my group mate(s), but I haven’t found it very helpful yet. Ah well, maybe I’ll return one day.

Also, Dropbox is now available but I haven’t had a real need to utilize it much to date.

So, the think about technology I’ve learned is that I need a clear purpose to truly utilize it.


One thought on “#diffimooc The thing about technology

  1. colin says:

    Sure! Why use technology unless it’s to make your life somehow better? I heard an interesting podcast one time that advocated for allocating some block of time per week to learning some way to improve your practice, anything from 30m on up. Mind you I couldn’t find any way to do this myself until I forced myself to go back to school and drop some work hours.

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