#diffimooc Essential question #5

What are your overall take-aways from the methods/tools that you might use to differentiate the classroom environment (for teacher productivity and student progression)? Which of these may you use in your classroom in the future?

Hmmmmmm. I’m excited about the Dropbox tool as it seems to promise ease of access to electronic documents – I love the idea of needing less paper in the classroom, less rough drafts.

I like the video tutorials (made one using Jing) and the potential they have for communication and differentiation with students.

It would be an interesting alternative to have students create Wikispaces instead of writing a traditional report.

Really, just thinking about transferring a lot of the written information from hard copy to electronic form in the future boggles the mind. I feel like this experience, thus far, has opened my eyes to a plethora of tools.

I do find it helpful to read the other blogs and see what other educators are doing. I’m excited to continue this technology journey.


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