Assign. 2 – Hmmmmm #diffimooc

I thought I’d better do some processing on my blog to figure out this assignment. The original plan was to hop into the simulations group to which I was cordially extended an invitation about three weeks ago.  There are six of us in the group and I am the only one who does not live in the same city. I’m not sure if this makes a difference, I know from the viewpoint of MOOCs and PLNs it should not. Perhaps it is simply a misstep in terms of having different technology visions and experience.

In any case, after about three weeks “in the group” – emails, two Google hangouts and following the discussions on an assigned website – I am not a contributing or productive member. No ones fault (except perhaps mine for not being savvy enough?).

The group members immediately decided to work on determining if Minecraft is a tool that can be used in the classroom. I set a goal for myself to try Minecraft and come to some understandings or conclusions. To that end, I downloaded a trial version and got onto the program. I didn’t spend much time there, though. I found it silly and pointless and just really hard to consider how it could be used to teach kids things that they are required to learn. So, I then began the process of extricating myself from my group and striking out in a new direction. Luckily, I hadn’t really contributed or committed myself in any meaningful way to my group. I will say that I truly admire the members of the group who are going down this road and wish them the best on their journey. They are passionate and hard-working and driven to make it add up to something.

Now, what should I do?


One thought on “Assign. 2 – Hmmmmm #diffimooc

  1. akedtech says:

    There are others that were in the same boat! One has decided to do a professional development session for her school on the NETS standards and how they can benefit learners. There are also those who are looking for new group members right now. My suggestion would be to decide on an individual project if you’d like – or you could get with another group – there will likely be takers in Twitter tonight or tomorrow – there’s also the trusty Google Group. I hope this helps!

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