Essential question #9 #diffimooc

How can I use Pearltrees to differentiate content in the classroom?

I’m having a “homework bonanza” day and trying to get a leg up on these assignments so I can veg out over the weekend. My eyes are starting to go crossed from gazing into the computer screen, though.

I’ve been messing around with Pearltree, figuring out its features by trial and error. I added a Pearl for my loner project on Prezi. It’s cool the way I can add a Pearl for any little aspect of my project. It’s also handy to look at the Pearltrees that my cohorts have added to Projects. I think a significant portion of my learning in this type of format (distance, web-based) comes from looking at the examples provided by others.

With regards to the question – I could use Pearltrees to differentiate content in my classroom by creating a Pearltree about a specific topic and offering Pearls that explain that topic in different ways. Students could also be asked to choose one Pearl from an array to respond to, which would differentiate content and/or process. And similar to what we are doing in this class, students could be assigned a general project and may choose to respond with their own method of choice and linking it to the main Pearltree.



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