Week ten #diffimooc – essential question

For this project I am looking at fifth grade standards for reading and writing – specifically these standards:

Grade 5 Reading standards

7. Analyze how visual and multimedia elements contribute to the meaning, tone, or personal appeal of a text (e.g., graphic novel, multimedia presentation of fiction, folktale, myth, poem).
9. Compare and contrast stories in the same genre (e.g., mysteries and adventure stories) on their approaches to similar themes and plot development.

Grade 5 writing standards
1. Write opinion pieces on topics or texts, supporting a point of view with fact- or text- based reasons and information.
a. Introduce a topic or text clearly, state an opinion, and create an organizational structure in which ideas are logically grouped to support the writer’s purpose.
b. Provide logically ordered reasons that are supported by facts and details.
c. Link opinion and reasons using words, phrases, and clauses (e.g., consequently, specifically, most of all).
d. Provide a concluding statement or section that reinforces or restates the opinion presented.

Unpack the relevant aspects of these standards:

    •    Read at least two pieces in the same genre that incorporate visual and multimedia elements
    •    Make observations about how visual and multimedia elements contribute to the meaning, tone, or personal appeal of a text
    •    Make observations about the similarities and differences between at least two stories within the same genre
    •    Develop a viewpoint in writing
    •    Defend the viewpoint with facts and details
    •    Have a clear introduction to the topic
    •    Have a clear conclusion to the topic
    •    Use transition words effectively in writing
Toward this end I have created a rubric to evaluate the finished product.

This week I have been reading the blog entries for last week’s essential question and attended Tuesday’s Twitter session.  I also used the Web EX program for the first time to attend the meeting on Thursday about our final project.  It was comparable to Google Hangout. These communication methods are pretty cool. I’d like to try a Google Hangout with friends or family just for fun.

Regarding the final project: I am planning to look into Scribd. I have been substituting in the middle school technology lab (how fortuitous for this class!) for about a month and adopting ideas the instructor has been using with the students. Actual access to the same technology in a typical classroom is much, much more limited. It isn’t really realistic to expect the same level of access to technology tools.  However, I will suspend reality and attempt to create a reading and writing assignment that integrates technology meaningfully.


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