Week 11 – Web Ex meeting #diffimooc

I wasn’t able to attend the meeting on Thursday, but I did find some time to view the recording.  I enjoyed listening to the discussions about technology access – it really brought the reality of technology use alive. I’ve said before: it is frustrating not to have a class to use during the assignments, but I might be frustrated if I did have a class and lacked the technology to bring really cool lessons to life. At least right now I can pretend that we all have access to everything out there.

There were some really good points made about management and technology. Love the idea of having control over other computers. When I was substituting in the technology class, I used the Promethean board as a guide to show the students how to get where they need to go, or how to complete an assignment.  It was really handy that they were sitting there with the same computer screen that I had and could follow along, step by step.

By and large, I am thankful that I was able to watch this video when it was convenient to my schedule. Technology has made this handy.

Takeaway:  To provide examples of different levels of work and provide feedback about progress.


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