Module Three Assignment #diffimooc

Write up of your lesson: I taught my planned lesson to my fifth-grade son this week. I do not currently have a class and so I used him as a guinea pig to see how the technology I planned would work with his age-level.  

It turned out that I had to modify things as we went along, which isn’t so different from a regular lesson in any classroom – things come up and, as teachers, we have to make them work as best we can.

My original plan had a very broad, open format using the Internet in finding reading resources to write about.  That was a little too overwhelming and open-ended for us.  I found it much more effective to direct him toward a specific source for finding something to read and view.  Also, I had planned this to be a written response format, but decided to open it up to an oral format that included the same requirements in order to play with a different technology tool – VoiceThread.

In the process of doing the VoiceThread, I wanted to help with the organization and content, so I found another new online tool, Workflowy.  It is basically a technology-based outline creator that helped give structure to the VoiceThread piece.

Artifact from your student:

Here is the VoiceThread that my son created for this lesson.

Visualization demonstrating impact on student learning:

Here is a rubric for this assignment, completed based on the VoiceThread that was created.


Reflection of what you might do differently:

I think it was clear that the original lesson was much too broad and open. It was probably more appropriate for a high school-aged student who is comfortable using the Internet as a research tool.  If I were to introduce this assignment to a fifth-grade class, I would provide specific place online for them to gather their resources.  I would also take much more time to work with the technology-based tool that they chose for their response.  It would need to be a very supported, intensive project. 


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